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Heist at PK

Earlier this week Manulife Centre wrote an amazing blog on the art featured in our store. Each piece was created by renowned Canadian Artist and Friend Paul Wysmyk. You can visit his website here  or if you'd like to see his work in person, it is currently being exhibited at the David Kaye Gallery and - of course - our store. Check our Manulife Centre's post here. 

To the Manulife marketing team; Thanks for the write-up!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Black Friday Exclusive Offers


Black is Back! There is no need to fight for the best deals this Black Friday! Customers can partake in the Petra Karthaus Sale this Friday morning starting at 10:00.

No Fanfare, no lines. Just our great PK Team waiting to hand out $50 gift cards to the first 30 customers. Enjoy redeeming your card on everything from tops to jackets and pants.

We know it's Black Friday, but the PK luxe integrity remains, so you may have to search the store to find those up to 50% off buys

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The van Laack Collection F/W 2015

The High Collar Blouse-a true classic but so hard to find! The high neck collar looks a bit extravagant but always flatters your neckline.It looks just as great worn with a collarless couturier jacket as it does with a blazer with a casual stand-up collar or classic lapels.

Van Laack of Germany has defined the benchmark for luxury shirts since 1881.The love for detail shown in the designs- made of soft flowing silk, cashmere, or fine Italian flannel.  It's an immediate sense that luxury one sees and feels. Designs are classically elegant, casual or playfully romantic, all with the signature three-hole button and monogram.

“Natural Easy Care” developed by van Laack is a line of exquisite fabrics combining ultimate wearing comfort with minimum ironing needs. Enjoy the luxury of the finest pure cotton yarn and experience a new ease of textile care.van Laack fabrics are free from chemical substances and contribute to protecting our environment. We're happy to welcome van Laack to our boutique.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Loro Piana - It's All in The Wool

Wool is our favourite natural fibre for outerwear and the best wool fibre is made by Loro Piana in northern Italy. Loro Piana wool is gathered from Australia and New Zealand, it is a flawless, luxurious, yarn of exceptional fineness and strength. 

 You can feel the difference in Loro Piana wool - a softness and comfort that no other wool can provide. (The secret is in ensuring that flaws in the natural wool are removed by hand and that the diameter of the yarn is “super" fine).

 Our Schneiders of Salzburg Fall Winter coats, made of Loro Piana wool, have a smoothness and drapability - which offers the customer a little piece of luxury that looks and feels right.

The Schneiders coat is made of superfine natural fibre; it is soft, light, form-fitting, warm, and easy to care for.

 Our favourite colour for this season is dark olive or Loden green. When you think of the number of wears over the years why not invest in a Schneiders coat made with the finest Loro Piana wool.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Autumn Picks

It's so long Summer, and hello Autumn.Who doesn't miss the long evenings of Summer,  and not having to port half your wardrobe "just in case" you need it in the evening.Thanks then for Autumn which is a buffer, easing us into Winter,  with its occasional balmy days.

We'll miss you Summer, but we know you'll be back. In the meantime- Autumn we've been expecting you and here are our picks- the theme embodies the look.


Fur and decoration. Fun fur, shearling and raccoon. Furrything goes.....the more the merrier. Ladylike. Luxury pure.


Well behaved and high-necked. Long skirts and culottes and always elegant.


Soft leather, animal prints and glitter. Sexy and sleek, wicked and always alluring.


Noblesse oblige. Elegant luxurious and ladylike. Coats and dresses made of cashmere and silk. Feminine and understated.

We look forward to helping you put together some incredible fall looks!

Friday, 18 September 2015

New York Fashion Week - The Way to B

Last week we had the pleasure of going on another buying trip for spring/summer '16 in New York City. The trip was an absolute blast, and we couldn't have had better weather. New York is such a wonderful place, particularly during NY fashion week. There are just so many stylish individuals bringing their "A" game every week, it really gives you an idea of what's popular this coming season.During our exploration of the city, we decided to pop into Bogner's North American flagship store. The store has some amazing displays and over at the Eric Javitz Showroom we had one of best views of the New York cityscape.

If you haven't visited our store in awhile, we have received most of our fall/winter collection for Bogner! With roots in skiing and athletic fashion, Bogner has pretty much perfected fashionable utility garments. What we really love about this year's collection is how versatile each piece is. This year's purses predominately use Nylon and other technical fabrics, providing a tailored sportswear look that can either be used when you're moving about town or when you're heading to a nice dinner with friends and family. Clever design ensures that there are compartments for your umbrella, keys, makeup and everything in else you need throughout your day. The purses featured below are currently in our store now!

If you're looking for great outerwear this fall/winter, we have also received our new jackets from Bogner and we couldn't be happier with each piece. The garments are incredibly light weight, but will keep you warm on any Toronto deep freeze Winter day. Use of efficient quilting and premium down create a stylish jacket that will keep you toasty without looking bulky.

 We've also added some great sweaters and fleece lined toques, perfect for that après-ski look. Pictured below is my niece who visited us from Germany for 3 weeks!

So as they say in New York  " See yuh!!!!"

Friday, 4 September 2015

Timeless, Glamorous - Caroline Biss

Paris à la Mode

The thousands of " Cadenas D'amour" or love locks have been removed from the Pont des Arts.  There were so many that there were fears the bridge would collapse - but when it comes to fashion in Paris, the subject is still very much romance.

 Just arriving at PK, the sweetheart necklines and swooning styles by Caroline Biss. We really love the colours of this Fall: coral, royal blue and navy, the pearl greys, creams and beiges in the surprising beauty of their collection.

For me, the designer has to begin with a strong female image guiding and influencing the creative process all along!


Caroline Biss now at PK, come and feel the inspiration......

Thursday, 20 August 2015

JJ Garella - Fall/Winter '16 Preview

We are back from our buying and trip and what an experience it was! Meeting designers from all over, making connections with brands are really what drives us. At PK, our philosophy has always been to find unique and interesting pieces that our customers genuinely will love and that no one else will find!

As summer ends, we eagerly enter our Fall/Winter seasons with some amazing brands. One of these great brands we will be featuring is JJ Garella. Based in the south of France, JJ Garella is incredibly innovative blending a variety of high-tech fabrics with more traditional ones. We love the photo-realistic prints they are able to create on their garments. An added benefit about a lot of this collection is that it's very easy to care for.

This collection is now in store, come by, give us a visit! We'd love to see you.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

European Buying Trip

Over the last couple of weeks, PK has had the pleasure of going on an amazing buying trip to Europe for spring and summer '16. We've had an excellent time checking out the latest collections from some of our favourite brands in Paris. Next spring/summer colour trends are moving towards Royal Blue, Coral, Chiffon Yellow and Mint as you can see from this lovely display by Caroline Biss.

We wanted to give you a sneak peak of some of the things we're bringing into the store next Spring/Summer season. These photos are from new Valerie Khalfon Collection.

As you can see this year features primarily lace detailing, excellent for giving a very feminine silhouette, light materials will keep you cool when city streets are hot! We're very excited to offer this line next year! Stay tuned to see more!!!

As they say in Paris À bientôt!

Friday, 24 July 2015

Pants, Slacks and Trousers - Atelier Gardeur Collection

THE BLOG: So. Let's talk about pants, slacks and trousers!

PK: Well let's keep it simple and just say pants, to cover them all, but I want talk about a particular brand - Atelier Gardeur.

THE BLOG: Why Gardeur?

PK: The first thing about Gardeur is the attention to detail and quality throughout the whole collection. Gardeur doesn't use middle-men to support their clothing line, Gardeur oversees the whole operation and controls the process from start to finish. And if you were going to ask... these pants are excellent for your posterior!

THE BLOG: What do you think works best with their new collection of pants?

PK: Great Question! If you're wearing a showy top then keep your pants simple. Take a look at this silhouette for example- Atelier Gardeur shifted the side seams forward. This visually extends the leg, thereby making for a slimmer silhouette.

THE BLOG: Ooo! Are there any new design secrets?

PK: If you want me to say "butt lift", I won't. But special attention to these two secret areas create a great look for your rear.
1st. Paying special attention to the position of the back pockets.
2nd. The Rise seem in the back is key to ensuring a great shape.
You didn't hear that from us though!

THE BLOG: So, what's the latest in store?

PK: We have new fabrics that make a huge difference. Hybrid fabrics - that offer an interplay of leather details mixed with a combination of different yarns, gauges and high performance and stretch properties.

THE BLOG: Really?!

PK: Yes really! Come by and try on some Atelier Gardeur pants and you will understand. In the end, Gardeur is great to wear all day, they fit well, look incredible, and you feel great too. The best thing too is that you won't be able to find this quality for such a great price other then at Petra Karthaus! You will love Gardeur!