Thursday, 23 August 2018

7 Cures for the August Blues

“August Blues … are sort of like the Sunday Blues for an entire month.”

That’s what Stephen Ferrando, director of psychiatry at Westchester Medical Center says. And he’s right. Sure, it’s still warm and sunny, but routine’s ugly head is making its way around the corner. Three weeks from now, we’ll all be back in the thick of it and Summer 2018 will be a distant memory. Ugh, right?

Here’s a thought for you as we all careen towards September: don’t let the summer end without adding something fabulous to your wardrobe. Think of it as retail therapy — that jolt of excitement you need to take your mind off the whirlwind about to sweep you and everyone else up.

And every time you put it on, you’ll be reminded of the long nights and the good times you had. Nothing wrong with that.

We took a walk through the store the other day and found seven perfect pieces for sending summer off in style.

A chic dress for autumn cocktail parties.

A stylish alternative to denim for work.

A leopard-print for a bit of understated roar.

A new bag for carrying a wardrobe change on unpredictable fall days.

A statement necklace to accentuate darker fall outfits.

A cotton top for chillier nights.

A light coat for windier days.

If retail therapy isn’t your thing…
…you can try a few other August Blues-beating tips:

Get outside
Take advantage of the briskness, because it’ll be November nasty before you know it. If you have a friend with a dog, offer to walk it.

Take a social media break
You don’t need to be reminded that summer’s over. Be in the moment with your friends and family while you still can.

Read a book
If you’ve been going mile-a-minute all summer, take the opportunity to chill. Find something pulpy, kick back and enjoy.

But most importantly, remember that with end of summer comes the beginning of fall, the most beautiful time of year in Toronto. Embrace it. Enjoy it. And face it looking and feeling your best.

And if you still can’t shake those August Blues, come commiserate with us at the store over a coffee. We’ll show you what we just brought in from Naples. It’s lovely stuff.