Thursday, 8 October 2015

Autumn Picks

It's so long Summer, and hello Autumn.Who doesn't miss the long evenings of Summer,  and not having to port half your wardrobe "just in case" you need it in the evening.Thanks then for Autumn which is a buffer, easing us into Winter,  with its occasional balmy days.

We'll miss you Summer, but we know you'll be back. In the meantime- Autumn we've been expecting you and here are our picks- the theme embodies the look.


Fur and decoration. Fun fur, shearling and raccoon. Furrything goes.....the more the merrier. Ladylike. Luxury pure.


Well behaved and high-necked. Long skirts and culottes and always elegant.


Soft leather, animal prints and glitter. Sexy and sleek, wicked and always alluring.


Noblesse oblige. Elegant luxurious and ladylike. Coats and dresses made of cashmere and silk. Feminine and understated.

We look forward to helping you put together some incredible fall looks!

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