Tuesday, 5 May 2015


EVERY SPRING the SAKURA, or cherry blossom, brings the Japanese people out to admire the cherry blossoms; a picnic by the lake, snow-capped Mt Fuji in the background, light pink blossoms overhead. SAKURA HANAMI (the cherry-blossom viewing season) is celebrated, when people spend more time outdoors, writing poems (a tradition dating back to the 7th Century) and socializing.

WHEN CHERRY BLOSSOMS are in full swing in May, it’s also a good time to check out the latest evolution of fashion trends. What results during Spring is a passion for all things pink: accessorizing phones, pink purses and clutches, belts and hair accessories.

ALDO MARTINS,BARCELONA, celebrates the cherry blossom with its Spring/Summer 15 Collections, just arrived in-store.

COLOURS COLOURS COLOURS. Cherry blossoms, lotus and orchid flowers in geometrical style, creating optical illusions.



When the trees are blossoming,it’s time to celebrate. But what to wear?


 Sakura Hanami - the  cherry blossom-viewing season, like the children’s game of running through bubbles, dodging ever so slightly, something so frail and fleeting.

                               ALDO MARTINS SPRING  AT PETRA KARTHAUS