Thursday, 25 May 2017

A Tribute to Sônia Bogner

Our dear friend Sônia Bogner died earlier this month at 66 years old. If you’ve never heard of her, please continue reading because her story is pretty incredible.

Brazilian by birth, Sônia was a Valentino model when she was discovered by Maria Bogner, matriarch of the Bogner brand. Maria’s son Willy, heir to the brand, fell in love at first sight and they were married shortly thereafter. Sônia moved to Germany where she quickly added flawless German to her already-fluent English, Italian, French and Portuguese.

After spending the first few years of her marriage learning the family business, Sônia's mother-in-law ceded creative control of the sportswear line in 1979 and handed the reins to her. Sônia quickly moved it towards “Sprezzatura” — Italian for “a touch of class” or “understated luxury.” She once said that she would scout airports, city streets, restaurants, cafés and bars “to get a sense for what women actually need.”

Under Sônia's watchful eye, the Bogner sportswear brand moved from pro to posh, creating pieces and sets for customers like ours: stylish, active urban women.

We’ll miss her laugh the most
It was hearty and infectious. You’d hear it before you saw her, and when she finally appeared, you could see the genuineness all over her face.

What made her laugh all the more special was that it was her signature sound despite a life wrought with the loss of two children. Despite these tragedies, she was committed to good health and good times. Her motto was “simply keep going” and she did. She loved jogging and dancing. She was fond of her jeans-and-white-blouse casual look. And whether she was in St. Moritz, Bavaria, Rio or the US, she rarely went anywhere without cowboy boots or her Louboutins. 

We looked forward to seeing Sônia every time we went on a European buying trip. But her spirit lives on in the Bogner brand, and most definitely in our store.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Welcoming Anja Gockel

A few buying trips ago, we were introduced to Anja Gockel, a German-born designer with a flare for colour who trained under Vivienne Westwood. We were taken by her “No Room for Doubts” winter collection - and we weren’t the only ones. Anja’s collection won her 2017 Designer of the Year at Berlin Fashion Week. 

But it was her attitude and approach to fashion that spoke to us. Inspired by strong women like Amelia Earhart, Pina Bausch and Patti Smith, her design sense has given women around the world a look to celebrate themselves and show themselves off for the spirits they are. We knew she’d fit perfectly in our city, at our store and with our customers.

We’re pleased to announce that her spring/summer line has finally arrived in the store.

When you show up somewhere in an Anja Gockel, people tend to notice. Her dresses and skirts work hard to accentuate the figure - and her exclusive prints make a statement. And when we say exclusive, we mean it: no other fashion house in the world can replicate the Gockel style (though few have tried).

Her 2017 line relies on turquoise and corals mixed with royal blue to bring the signature Gockel style home. And in a slight break from the brightness she’s known for, she’s introduced a head-turning black and white theme.

Anja’s spring/summer collection has infused us - and our customers - with positivity. Her line’s only been in the store for a few days, and people are already drawn to it. We’re proud to have her on our shelves, and we know you’ll be proud to have her in your closet.


Thursday, 23 March 2017

A Slight Change

Last month, we told you we were going to be featuring Designer of the Year Anja Gockel in this post to celebrate her line’s arrival at the store.

As it turns out, the spring shipment was delayed. So while we wait, let’s talk about accessories - your opportunity to play designer. That’s why we love when customers come in for hats & bags, scarves and jewelry - and why we put so much thought into all of them. Here’s some of what you’ll find in the store this month:

Hats & Bags
We were big fans of Eric Javits before he patented Squishee® material to make roll-up hats that keep their shape. But once he did, we were converts. And this summer, when you’re packing for the cottage and shove your Javits hat in your bag, only to have it come out perfectly for Friday night cocktails on the patio, you’ll be right there with us - and Nicole Kidman, Lady Gaga, Madonna and (ahem) Hillary Clinton. They all have Javits hats too.

Javits uses the same material to make just-as-easy bags in all sizes. You can throw one in your suitcase before a trip to Europe and have it come out perfectly when you arrive.

We’ve talked a lot about our buying trips on this blog and how we’re always looking to be surprised. Petrusse surprised us with the little diamonds on the corners of their scarves that offer just enough weight to keep the ends from blowing up in the wind. You don’t notice them unless you take your eyes off the Parisian prints.

Just in time to show off some colour and contour, our neck-and-ear collections pair perfectly with any ensemble in the store. Do let us know if you’re shopping for a particular event - we’ll help you accessorize accordingly.

This spring, we’re featuring Botswana Agate, Strawberry Quartz and Sodalite pieces; baroque pearls, pyrite, tourmaline; and polished Hawaiian Kukui nut beads. Our costume jewelry is mostly Spanish and British, 100% hypoallergenic and accented with Swarovski crystal.

Next month, we’ll get to Anja. This month, accessorize!