Friday, 16 September 2016

Those Crafty Italians

A few months back, we did a blog post about Spanish fashion ⎯ a relatively young industry compared to Europe’s epicentres, and especially so compared to Italy, the de facto birthplace of style.

With that experience comes clever combinations of innovation and style. We see it every time we go there on a buying trip ⎯ and most recently on our trip to Carella Fashion, a family owned clothier in Treviso, a small town just north of Venice and south of the Alps. We met with the owners, Claudio and Lella, which is always a treat because, as we treat our customers like family, so too do they treat theirs.

The Tonet Line
Lella was positively giddy when she showed us Carella’s fall looks, highlighted by Tonet, their in-house brand. Of Tonet’s many positives, the one that stood out most to us was how well thought out the pieces were. This fabulous reversible jacket is a great example.

One side is great for the office as it’s neutral and looks good with jeans and slacks, while the other side is more suited for evening. Both sides come with deep pockets for keys, phones and gloves ⎯ not a feature we see much of in this kind of piece ⎯ and the 3/4 length is both flattering and functional.

Here’s another piece we gravitated towards in the Carella showroom, a Cashmere and merino wool jacket with suede inset.

Aside from the warm muff around the neck, we love that it’s fully machine washable, which is actually better for cashmere as dry cleaning solvents strip wool of their natural oils.

The Carella Approach to Cashmere

Cashmere comes from the underbelly of the goat, where the hair is finest. The wool is brushed off and only the finest hair closest to the goat’s belly is used in good cashmere. At Carella they also wash the knitted fabric to test shrinkage and durability, ensuring quality that will last for years.

And to guarantee every article of clothing represents the best of Carella, Lella personally trains everyone who works there. Nothing is mass-produced and you’ll feel that attention to detail when you put a piece on.

While Tonet’s definitely among our favourite lines for the fall, we have so many others to show off. You can come by the store during regular business hours (M–W, 10 to 6; T–F, 10 to 7, Sat 10–6 & Sun 12−6), or you can call us at 416.922.5922 to book a special appointment. Because like Claudio and Lella tell us every time we see them, there’s always time for family.