Friday, 24 July 2015

Pants, Slacks and Trousers - Atelier Gardeur Collection

THE BLOG: So. Let's talk about pants, slacks and trousers!

PK: Well let's keep it simple and just say pants, to cover them all, but I want talk about a particular brand - Atelier Gardeur.

THE BLOG: Why Gardeur?

PK: The first thing about Gardeur is the attention to detail and quality throughout the whole collection. Gardeur doesn't use middle-men to support their clothing line, Gardeur oversees the whole operation and controls the process from start to finish. And if you were going to ask... these pants are excellent for your posterior!

THE BLOG: What do you think works best with their new collection of pants?

PK: Great Question! If you're wearing a showy top then keep your pants simple. Take a look at this silhouette for example- Atelier Gardeur shifted the side seams forward. This visually extends the leg, thereby making for a slimmer silhouette.

THE BLOG: Ooo! Are there any new design secrets?

PK: If you want me to say "butt lift", I won't. But special attention to these two secret areas create a great look for your rear.
1st. Paying special attention to the position of the back pockets.
2nd. The Rise seem in the back is key to ensuring a great shape.
You didn't hear that from us though!

THE BLOG: So, what's the latest in store?

PK: We have new fabrics that make a huge difference. Hybrid fabrics - that offer an interplay of leather details mixed with a combination of different yarns, gauges and high performance and stretch properties.

THE BLOG: Really?!

PK: Yes really! Come by and try on some Atelier Gardeur pants and you will understand. In the end, Gardeur is great to wear all day, they fit well, look incredible, and you feel great too. The best thing too is that you won't be able to find this quality for such a great price other then at Petra Karthaus! You will love Gardeur!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Summer Sale!

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