Friday, 23 October 2015

Loro Piana - It's All in The Wool

Wool is our favourite natural fibre for outerwear and the best wool fibre is made by Loro Piana in northern Italy. Loro Piana wool is gathered from Australia and New Zealand, it is a flawless, luxurious, yarn of exceptional fineness and strength. 

 You can feel the difference in Loro Piana wool - a softness and comfort that no other wool can provide. (The secret is in ensuring that flaws in the natural wool are removed by hand and that the diameter of the yarn is “super" fine).

 Our Schneiders of Salzburg Fall Winter coats, made of Loro Piana wool, have a smoothness and drapability - which offers the customer a little piece of luxury that looks and feels right.

The Schneiders coat is made of superfine natural fibre; it is soft, light, form-fitting, warm, and easy to care for.

 Our favourite colour for this season is dark olive or Loden green. When you think of the number of wears over the years why not invest in a Schneiders coat made with the finest Loro Piana wool.

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