Thursday, 5 June 2014

As Seen on the Village Post this Spring

Petra Karthaus began on the west side of Yorkville Hazelton Lanes in 1989. Their theme: fashion and accessories from Europe - including Paris, Barcelona and Salzburg - and great service to their customers.
PK's new location just opened at The Manulife Centre on Bloor, "it was too good to pass up," says Dorothea Merritt, PK's owner. "Our customers and staff love the new store. We have more space, and the feeling is of a comfortable apartment in Paris."
A fashion expert from Dusseldorf, under the tutelage of designer Jil Sander, what Dorothea really enjoys is working with women in Toronto; to get just the right look. "The fashion, the textile and little things like stitching, a careful handbag design or alteration for a perfect fit. With fun tops from Barcelona or winter wear from Salzburg, and colours from Brussels and southern France. We visit Paris each year to keep au corant," she says.
"Success is what you define for yourself, so I feel successful when the customer leaves the store with the right look for her whether she's off to work or play," she adds.

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