Friday, 16 May 2014

Hat Trick

The different rules for women developed in the heady days when everyone wore hats. The hats worn by women were an integral part of their outfits and were never removed. Would you ever take off your dress in public? Women would be naked without their hats.

In any case removal of one’s best hat would be impracticable in most circumstances as the hat may have been fastened to the hair severely by a series of hat pins. This was certainly the case in Victorian and Edwardian times.

But how about nowadays?

- Women's hats are fashion accessories, therefore, ladies are not required to remove their hats when going indoors.

- Women may wear hats at formal teas, luncheons, and wedding ceremonies or receptions.

- Women do not take fashion hats off during the National Anthem, however they must take off men's style baseball caps, trucker hats, etc.

- Women are allowed to take off their hats, if they wish, in any of these circumstances, but again, they are not required to.

Special Rules

Theaters: At a theater, women should remove large hats. It is common courtesy to remove hats when they might block another patron's view.

Work: Women should remove their hats when at work in an office.

Church: Women are not required to remove large hats in churches.

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