Friday, 8 November 2013

From Spain, con amor!

Aldo Martins is a brand designed and made in the mountain town of Igualada, just outside of the vibrant Catalan capital, Barcelona.

There, Marti Bisbal and his family have built a unique and fast growing business. Aldo Martins’ specialty: multi-coloured knitwear!

Each and every garment is a piece of art. The father, two sons and a daughter, each in charge of a key aspect of the business, make sure everything is done perfectly.

The whole process of creating their garments begins by translating the fabric designs into a computer software that is then sent to sophisticated knitting machines. They turn it into yards and yards of supple and soft material.

The fabrics are then cut and put together in a labour intensive process, all by hand. Pre-laundering and pressing ensure that every piece will maintain their quality after the first cleaning.

Each item is carefully checked for flaws, labeled, packaged and is ready to be sent anywhere in the world!

And, the best part: these handcrafted luxury garments, made in Spain, still come at a very affordable price!

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