Tuesday, 29 October 2013

At The Tip of your Fingers

Petra Karthaus has an innovative surprise for you this Fall/Winter! We just received our touchscreen enabled leather gloves!

Touchscreens on most devices today do not react to heat. Instead, they react to one’s skin and its changes in electrical currents – or, to put simply, touch. Our new leather gloves employ specially engineered leather on the palm-side that reproduce the human touch so that users can operate their devices without having to take their gloves off.

To give the leather the ability to interface with touchscreen devices, it is immersed and treated with a specially formulated solution during the traditional tannery process. Thus, this feature is lasting, as it is ingrained within the leather itself. As a result of the treatment process, touchscreen enabled leather is also more durable, water-repellent, wind-proof, and soil-resistant.

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