Wednesday, 4 September 2019

The Year-Round Wardrobe

Toronto is fortunate to get four distinct seasons most of the time. It’s a blessing for obvious reasons, but it’s also a curse for wardrobes because you have outfits that work for twelve weeks a year and take up space for the other 40. Not exactly efficient, is it?

That’s why we’re big fans of multi-season pieces.  Every woman should have a few year-round favourites in their closets that they can pull out any time and feel great in every time. When we go on our buying trips, we specifically seek these out, and the options we have in store now are some of our best.

This leopard long dress is a great example. It works just as well for a September patio lunch as it would with a little jacket for a December dinner with friends. With the right accessories, it’s a winner in any kind of weather.



Three keys to building a year-round wardrobe


If you want to extend the usability of a summer piece, you’ll want to protect your neck and arms from the fall/winter chill. A long dress you might think only works in the summer heat can become a bold winter look. As for your top, a summer blouse or tee can become a fall classic with help from a comfy cardigan or leather jacket.





Navy blue, light grey, neutral colours and white transcend the seasons and make outfit planning easy. And don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t wear white after Labour Day. A bit of bright on a gloomy November morning can brighten your spirits and those of everyone around you. 




We mentioned silk and cotton earlier. We’d stick with those two. A silk blouse on a cold January day under a cotton button-down sweater is as classic as it gets. And when June rolls back around, swap out the sweater for light cotton capris and you’re ready for the  pier.

But if you’re set on seasonal…

The Fall/Winter Collections 2019 are in-store now. Here are the highlights.


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