Friday, 21 December 2018

A Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea

When Christmas falls on a Tuesday like it does this year, the number of people scrambling for last-minute gifts skyrockets because no one has those precious days off to hit the stores or spend the time online finding the perfect presents.


If you find yourself in that position this weekend and you need a fantastic, thoughtful gift for her that she’ll legitimately enjoy, consider the gift of a private shopping experience with us.

Here’s what she’ll get:

  • An entire morning or afternoon with one of our expert fashion consultants in our salon
  • A catered lunch, tea and snacks
  •  The opportunity to develop an outfit or a wardrobe for the new year
  • A personal shopping experience unlike any other

We’ll show her pieces from around Italy, France, Spain and Germany. We’ll give her the stories behind the designers (fashion history is a passion of Clarke’s; he can talk about it for hours). We’ll match what we have to who she is. And every time she wears what she got, she’ll think of the VIP retail therapy experience at Petra Karthaus you got her.

Call 416.922.5922 to arrange it. We’ll email you the invitation.

Print it out, put in an envelope, et voila: gift is done!

You can prepay the amount you want to spend and we’ll gear our recommendations for her to that budget. Depending on how much you’d like to contribute to her gift, here’s what she’ll be able to buy:

$100–$200 — Accessories for 2019

While our buying trips to Europe are primarily focused on clothes, we do make time for accessories like earrings, bracelets, broaches and belts. And in the winter, when black seems to be the primary colour in most outfits, a little bit of extra charm goes a long way.

$200–$500 — Scarves for winter and spring

Every wardrobe is better with a scarf or two from France, especially if those scarves are themselves works of art. Petrusse scarves are a great example of that, which is why we carry them and why they’re among the best-selling pieces in our store. We’ve spent entire private shopping sessions just showcasing the Petrusse patterns, talking about what design goes best with what occasion and pairing a scarf to a style.

$500–$1,500 — Head to Toe Sets

For most men, giving clothes as a gift is pretty easy. They’ll always take a nice pair of socks. When we’re in Europe, we notice a lot of the men sporting Falke brand socks from Dusseldorf. 

Conversely, a woman’s wardrobe is an extremely personal thing. And it’s a labour of love. Most women enjoy getting out there, trying things on and walking out with bags. An afternoon with us makes that experience so much better.

If you can make it into the store, you can get more than a gift for her.

We’re making room for new merchandise and new d├ęcor, so there are some pretty fantastic deals here right now, including a great one on this original work of art by Paul Wysmyk.


Have a very Merry Christmas and 
a happy, healthy New Year!

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