Thursday, 18 October 2018

Musings from the Left Bank


We just got back from a very busy spring/summer buying trip to Paris. While we were there, we worked in a few walks around the city to see what the locals were wearing to welcome in the fall. 

Here’s what caught our eye;


Multiple coats were definitely a thing. Sometimes it was a thin jacket or vest under a wider, fuller coat. Other times it was a thick sweater under a light overcoat. But the women we saw were clearly interested in showing both off proudly. This got us thinking about what we might see here when the weather can be a bit nastier. One idea would be a dark sweater under a lighter-coloured (blue or pink) jacket, accessorized with some of the gold or silver jewellery we brought back with us to make the ensemble pop. Another would be a Petrusse scarf under a coat, which will work out well for you if you’re cold indoors and don’t want to put on your coat again.


Cold weather tends to bring out the animal prints, and we saw quite the eclectic mix this trip (although none of it was “real” fur as the big fashion houses have all gone faux forever). Leopard print was back, as we expected it would be given how well it pairs with black pants and gold accessories. We also saw an interesting olive green, off-white and black tiger print that made us wonder how many more tigers there’d be in the world if they actually sported those camo colours. But our favourite had to be the lavender, white and blue penguin print. So refreshing. And so cute.


As the numbers on the thermometer get smaller, the wraps and scarves get bigger, thicker and much more snug. We saw a number of oversized scarves, and we stock a number of oversized Petrusse scarves that keep you warm and show the world you know your way around fabric.


Light pastel colours ruled this past spring and summer, and they appear to have been replaced by a deep red. It’s a bold choice to be sure, but these are bold times. People around the world are speaking their minds, and red is the colour of passion and power according to David Zyla of Colour Your Style. We bet on red when we were over in Europe doing our fall/winter buying, and we’re glad we did. Today in the store,  our best reds are from Barcelona’s Aldo Martins and Germany’s Van Laack.


Despite the push towards red, black will always take centre stage in fall/winter wardrobes, mainly because of its timelessness and class. Black is perceived as an indicator of prestige, seriousness and intelligence, whether you’re walking into a boardroom or a dining room (we saw a lot of both on our trip). Of course, the simplest way to wear it is to pair it with white:


Knits always find their way back into fashion when the temperature drops, especially wool and cashmere knits that keep you warm and on trend. Many of the women we saw strolling along the Seine were sporting cashmere, but very few got theirs from Amina Rubinacci Naples. It’s where we get ours from and it’s as authentic as it gets.  

Last thoughts from the Left Bank

Skirt suits are out, pant suits are in. 
Madame Macron is hot, her husband, less so. 
And it appears the days of selfies have come and gone. People have come to realize that everyone looks better in a picture when someone else takes it.

Next up in Petra’s closet: the Great Coat Rush

It’s already started and you don’t want to be left out in the cold without your size. We’ll tell you what we have in, what we expect to have in and what you can expect from winter 2019.

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