Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Five 2017 Resolutions We’d Encourage

With all that 2016 talk finally gone, we can focus on the positivity of the year ahead. For us, that starts in the closet, and so here are five promises you can make for yourself.

1.  Wear more colour

Here’s one you can put into action right away, and now’s the perfect time because there’s so much black out there in the winter, from parkas to boots to the dark winter nights.

A splash of colour like green or turquoise tells the world you’re feeling good and invites everyone to join you; like a surrogate for warmth on a drab day. And you don't have to overload on colour to spread a bit of joy. A hat, a scarf, even a belt will do the trick.

2. Don’t settle for ill-fitting pants

If you pay more attention to your look above the waist, you’re not alone. Most of us focus on what others look at — and very few people look at your pants when they're talking to you.

But think about how you look when you’re wearing pants that don't fit. You’re fidgety, you’re uncomfortable and that shows over your whole body. So pay attention. Try on a few pairs before you buy. Make sure you can bend. Make sure the fabric doesn't make noise when you walk. And make sure you feel good in them. Because it’ll show.

3. Take stock of your staples

Like a kitchen, a wardrobe doesn't function without the basics. And they don't have to be fancy at all. They just have to be present and flexible. So see what you have now, get rid of what you’re not going to wear and replace with stuff you will. This includes items like white blouses or shirts, a simple pencil skirt or two, black pants and a comfortable yet classy sweater.

And remember that it’s never a bad idea to replace an old piece with something new. Because while staples don’t change, styles do.

4. Think differently about accessories

You think accessories and you think earrings and bracelets. Of course you do. So do we. But we’d challenge you to broaden that a bit in 2017 to include broaches, pendants and scarves.

That last one is particularly interesting because scarves are shaping up to be the hot accent piece of 2017 for women and men. The beauty of a scarf is its light weight and versatility. It can go around your neck as intended, but it can also go around your waist, your mid-rift, your arm and even your head if you’re so inclined. And should you need to, you can use the scarf to temporarily shield you from rain and snow.

5. Expand your horizons

Gucci. Prada. Versace. Those are the names you know — and for good reason. But there’s so much out there from designers you don’t know, like Anja Gockel, who we’re particularly fond of and will be featuring this spring in our store.

Ms. Gockel has been designing clothes for 20+ years — more if you count her time working with Vivienne Westwood. Her stuff’s fabulous — look out for it on our racks and on our blog.

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