Saturday, 19 November 2016

Your Cold Weather Wardrobe

Dorothea Merritt, PK’s owner, is about the warmest person you’ll ever know. But when you meet her for the first time, it’s unmistakably clear that she knows a thing or two about winter.

You can tell right away that she’s from Northern Europe. You can picture her skiing in Alps, and you can imagine her walking through a January hailstorm in Berlin or Amsterdam or Copenhagen. So when someone leaves the store feeling better about the impending doom of February, she’s happy.

Warm but Cool

When we work with you to plan your winter looks, the first thing we’ll ask you about is your schedule: what do you need to dress for? Most of our clients have similar events, and so we stock our racks accordingly.

The Seasonal Soiree

With holiday parties coming up you’ll need dressier, versatile outfits to celebrate with groups of friends and colleagues. We LOVE a little bit of colour in a winter wardrobe and so we’re quite excited about this red Loden coat that adds an unexpected pop of colour and plays on formality without the stiff structure of a traditional blazer. It works with pants, skirts and party dresses; it’s rain-resistant and will help keep your torso toasty.

The Family Feast

You want to look great, but you need to be comfortable — especially if you KNOW you’re going to over eat. This colourful jacket is fun, funky, soft and easy to wear. You can dress them up or down depending on where you’re dining. Pair one with the Amaretta suede pull-on pants. They’re cozy, wrinkle free and washable in case you wind up doing some of the cooking.

The Winter Weekend

Bogner is one of our signature lines, and they do winter better than just about anyone. Their Fire and Ice collection features unique prints and styles from a whimsical snowflake print sweater for hanging out to more technical athletic tops for outdoor exercise.

Whether you’re looking for a piece to complete your look or you have a ice-rink sized hole in your closet that needs filling, we can help you get ready for the cold. And if you want a private look at our collection, we’d be happy to oblige after hours.

You can come by the store during regular business hours (M–W, 10 to 6; T–F, 10 to 7, Sat 10–6 & Sun 12−5), or you can call us at 416.922.5922 to book a special appointment.

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