Monday, 23 May 2011

Petra Karthaus Featured on City Blog!

 The Scene in TO writes:

 Hazelton Lanes – The Awakening

May 23, 2011
By Desiree Schmidt
If you haven’t heard of the upscale shopping centre Hazelton Lanes, located in swanky Yorkville, fear not, you are like many other people in the city, but I’m about to let you in on some of its secrets.
Although they have been serving shoppers for over 35 years, there are multiple reasons for their relative obscurity. For one, they tend to cater to the very wealthy and visiting celebs who frequent the city and in recent years, the mall has been hidden behind huge signs of the organic supermarket chain Wholefoods. Another reason might be its rather dull architecture and, it misses a certain appeal to some shoppers.
In Hazelton Lanes you’ll find no Starbucks, no Santa at Christmas and none of those people trying to spray products in your hair when you’re not looking. It is simply not like going to Eaton Centre’s wonderland. And there rests its actual appeal into your shopping equation. It is nothing like your average mall, and the little shops of Hazelton Lanes are essential destinations when looking for unique and exclusive designer clothing.
Recently, iconic designer wear mecca TNT turned 20 and celebrated their anniversary in their newly renovated concept store. Guest celebrities included Nicole Richie and the in-crowd was able to browse through the collections of designers like Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim.
That same night, the Yorkville Club invited their members for a cocktail party with a Salsa band and fashion show presented by Petra Karthaus, another store in Hazelton Lanes. Featuring European high-end women’s wear, the store owner Dorothea Merritt focuses on personal connections to her customers and flies three times a year to the fashion fairs of Paris and Duesseldorf to buy lines like Sonia Bogner and René Lezard.
Currently undergoing a major reconstruction, Hazelton Lanes is awakening from a long wintersleep. The above mentioned Wholefoods is expanding and will host an open food court featuring organic treats, while the mall’s upper level will be opened up with improved staircases to the lower level and the unique selection of stores will be expanded to more than 60 lifestyle boutiques.
Be sure to stop by for a luxurious shopping experience and grab one of those delicious organic danishes while you’re at it.
Some more stores you can expect to find at Hazelton Lanes include: Jacadi, Andrews, Via Cavour, exclusively for men and Vineyards Estate Wines.

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